Core Features

FAPcoin endeavours to implement the Ethereum platform in building a blockchain based Adult marketplace for both physical and digital products and services ranging from Online Video, Webcam Models, Adult merchandise, Subscription related products and services to mention just a few.

Traditional payment processors like PayPal have historically discriminated against the porn and adult entertainment industry. Cryptocurrency works just like cash where transactions occur peer-to-peer bypassing regulated financial institutions.
Credit card companies penalize businesses with chargebacks when customers dispute a transaction which occurs often in the porn industry. Cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible putting businesses in control of when refunds should be issued.
Cryptocurrency wallets are anonymous, and our partners will not require any log-ins or registrations, thereby providing absolute anonymity.
Extra Features

One of the main features of FAPcoin is it’s ability to remain secure and safe in the online world. No more hiding credit card statements when ordering Adult Online Services.

Banks and other financial institutions are required to keep personal records of all customers. A cryptocurrency system only records anonymous deposit and withdrawal addresses for each transaction without requiring any personal information.
Stolen credit cards and fraud are very common issues that plague online payment processing. Cryptocurrency is a “cash in hand” monetary instrument where rightful owners in possession of the currency are the only ones who can spend it.
Adult payment processors like CCBill and Epoch charge up to a whopping 15% fee on every transaction. Cryptocurrency transaction fees range between 0% to 0.5% per transaction putting more money into the pockets of businesses.
roadmap (2018 Roadmap coming soon)

We aren’t just Developers. We are a team of Builders!

building on the lastest technology

We Breathe Smart Contracts. Solving problems the adult industry didn’t even know it had!

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The potential to change the Adult industry is just around the corner. Will you be apart of it?

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Frequently Asked Questions

There will be 500,000,000 FAPcoin’s in circulation. The FAPcoin profile will be:

Crowdfunding events:

  • ICO Event: 100,000,000

Distributed (Stake):

  • Foundation: 25,000,000
  • Members: 25,000,000
  • Bounty: 5,000,000

Additional information regarding the distributed stake:

  • Foundation: The Foundation will use the set number of tokens to sustain a stake in the ecosystem and carry out the purpose of the foundation.
  • Members: Members who participated in the development of the FAP Platform receive a share of FAPcoin tokens.
  • Bounty: Users who participated in the bounty program are rewarded FAPcoin tokens.

Although the FAPcoin Fundraising event is open to the general public, individuals need to make sure they’re eligible to participate (in accordance to the legal jurisdiction they reside under).

FAPcoin is in the process of being listed on exchanges. Our team is pumped and ready to get things moving along as soon as possible.

An announcement will soon be made to the public with a list of the exchanges hosting FAPcoin, so once this happens so you’ll know exactly where to find it.

Don’t forget to follow our communication channels so you don’t miss out on the big news!

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